The 25th IPSO European Meeting is dedicated to the theme “Invisible Psychoanalytic Identities” and will take place in Lisbon, from 22 to 24 of November 2019.

We invite all IPSO members to think and discuss the visible and invisible aspects, dimensions and processes of our developing psychoanalytic identities and of psychoanalysis changing identity as a discipline.

The meeting will be held in bad English, the official language of IPA, as Stefano Bolognini once stated.

On behalf of IPSO and Sociedade Portuguesa de Psicanálise we would like to welcome all to the 25th European Meeting in Lisbon.

Join us in November for this journey.


Bruno Raposo Ferreira, Diana Ferreira Vicente, Filipa Falcão Rosado, Pedro Job, Rui Bento

Please note that this is an event exclusive to IPSO Members

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